Consulting & Brand Campaigns

As the fuel that powers your business in the marketplace, a brand is not only a logo, a product, or a name but the entire collective of visual and audio elements that create a world.

Colors, shapes, fonts, sounds, shades, tones, and motion all tie into a consistent creative spectrum that reflects your brand identity. We offer a palette of video genres, from brand and product overview to corporate identity, case study, and testimonials to establish memorable brand identities and grow awareness. When it comes to market strategy, Media Monsters video production talent lives without restriction.

Likewise, for social media campaigns. Cohesion, integration, and emotion are paramount. Social media is a dynamic force calling for fluid and vibrant marketing, a continuous process of research, refinement and fleshing out of ideas. What follows when a brand truly sticks is emotional engagement, and our creative variations on a core theme are what seal the deal. Whatever your goal, our formula is a monster and it works.

Video is a natural medium for brand building on social media and corporate websites, as most people prefer video to text content, and recall is better, too. Search engines love pages with video content. It’s an SEO ranking booster and the most shared type of content. Video works best when it keeps on coming, varying tactfully while keeping true to brand. That means a ceaseless creative and production process, and meeting deadlines like a beast. Our workflow is industry–independent, self-renewing, and inevitably successful. All the while, new research and effects tools are mastered and deployed as they’re rolled out. You don’t have to re-invent the reel. We do that every day before breakfast.

According to digital marketing expert Neil Patel, web page with video content is 50 times more likely than one without it to appear on page one of Google search returns. That’s great as far as meeting new prospects goes. However, unless that video content is engaging and worthwhile to your new friend, it says “don’t bother coming back here again”. Not to worry. We will work with you to craft and sustain an identity and a message that invite visitors to linger, to return, and to get involved. That’s our formula for success.

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