Event Coverage

If it’s not in the video, it didn’t happen. Event videography is how we remember together in the 21st century, and the best events are only as good as the memories they etch into our minds.

Digital video creates an experience that lasts forever. When expertly produced, an event video is a vivid memorial with a scope wider than any one person’s own, crafting an extraordinarily captivating perspective. Nobody can be everywhere at all times. However, an experienced Monster crew with di lenses, multiple cameras, and wireless audio has non-intrusive virtual command of every place and point of view.

We’ll scout the location, learn the program, and come in with a plan. Preparation and planning are the true way spontaneity is captured and framed.

Multi-day event? Daily highlights videos for the corporate website? We’ll take care of it. If you want an edited-down cut of the event video before folding up to go, we’ll have one ready - or as many as you need. In fact, countless events provide material for several videos with different orientations. Many a keynote speaker’s video bio is culled from event footage. If your attendees fly in from all over, there’s an opportunity to capture interviews and dialogues without going on location. Whatever the scope of work may be, we know how to help clients mine the most lasting value from every event.

Event videography is not only about events, but also for events. We routinely produce and deliver keynote videos to kick clients' events off. Shoot product rollouts in the morning, deliver edited presentations for sales team meetings in the afternoon. Video can act as an event facilitator, too.

Our Monster event videography team is there to record history. Not to make history. Videography without disruption is the credo. Clients and events are as diverse as technology launches, concerts, and trade shows. Our team’s always happy to share experience and know-how with clients or client’s event planners. Our goal is to make your event timeless, forever, in all its layers and aspects.

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