Rent a 1T Grip Truck in Miami

This 1T Mercedes Sprinter Van with grip and rigging equipment is perfect for small projects. Securely transport your equipment to and from set with this specially designed van complete with all the tools you need for set up and rigging.

1T Grip Truck Specifications

Fully equipped 1T grip truck for small projects
Includes grip equipment to hold your production equipment in place
Carts, stands, crates, sandbags, speed rails, steel tracks, ladders, cribbing and expendables for on-site setup

1T Grip Truck Rental Includes

Mercedes Sprinter Van
Grip and rigging equipment

The Best 1T Grip Truck Rental in Miami

1-ton grip trucks are a great way to ensure you’re fully equipt for your photoshoot, small stage show, indie film, run-and-gun shoot or other small production. Included grip equipment means that your important production equipment will not get damaged in transport to and from your project. Plus, with a wide selection of tools and equipment, you can have a piece of mind that any last minute rigging needs can be met while on set of your project.

Why Choose 1T Grip Truck Rentals?

1-ton grip trucks are the best option for safely transporting equipment, like cameras, drones, lighting, electrical equipment and other valuable tools to small productions. It also provides an all-in-one option for ensuring you have any rigging tools you might need on set. At Media Monsters, we take pride in offering the best 1-ton Grip Truck rentals in Miami. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your sprinter van and included equipment, and provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of your rental.

1T Grip Truck Additional Info

1T Grip Truck Features

Easy to load and unload
Great for small productions
Functional shelving, grip and cart layou

How to Use a 1T Grip Truck

In order to maximize the functionality of a 1T Grip Truck, keep it tidy at all times while loading, unloading and moving equipment. Place ladders, frames, etc. in overhead storage. Most importantly, all camera, lighting and other significant equipment is secured in place before you drive.

1T Grip Truck Uses

1T Grip trucks are the best option for transporting equipment for small projects, like photoshoots, run-and-gun shoots, etc., a set at a time.

How Much Can a 1T Grip Truck Carry?

Our Mercedes Sprinter Van 1T grip truck offers 319 cubic feet of cargo space.

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