Halloween is a special night for us. it started in 2017 when E11EVEN hosted their annual ‘Helleven’ party through the weekend. That year’s theme was the demonic carnival we all have in our nightmares involving scary clowns and jokers, paired with a sword swallower and possiblY a firebreathing freakman. that video sparked something inside us to create a non-stop action packed recap that showed the amount of freaky entertainment you could only see at a freaky carnival. What better place to have this entertainment than at the capital of getting freaky, E11EVEN. See the 2017 Halloween video here.

The Reason for saying all that was to prelude into 2018. We had to go bigger and better. We had to keep flexing our freaky muscle by pulling out all the skills we know and our VFX team knew just what we needed.

Special Credits // There’s a reason we’re the #1 most trusted media production company in South Florida!

Everything in the final video is CGI except maybe Fat Joe...Maybe, we can’t tell. Over 100+ hours later, Miami is destroyed. Even that new spiderman-looking building on biscayne that isn’t finished yet is in shambles. A Media monsters tanker went down by the i-195 bridge and cars are on fire everywhere. WTF happened, Miami?

‘Helleven Apocalypse’

Miami is in ruins, sand is in all the cracks, and Mad Max owns a boat now. That is the theme they gave us to run with and we couldn’t be happier. The monsters are directly related to the world ending and what that new world order might look like. Seems fitting that ‘Fat Joe’ (his words not ours) would be the man with the microphone. And to quickly sum the story up, the only thing that can bring Miami vibes back is by plugging in this very valuable, very vintage usb stick. A Quick exchange of Cash and the party commences at Sector 11, the last safehouse.

All-in-all it was a great performance by everyone involved. Logistics, Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup, Acting, Running, Filming, And of course our Beasts on the VFX Team. We see you Alex and Diogo ;).


It starts with a brainstorming session where search for the perfect idea. The story and creativity is the backbone of the entire project so it needs to be strong enough to draw an audience through until the very end. Once the client is on board, it’s time to run as fast as we can.


Pre-production is key to having a successful production. We refine our idea, storyboard, make overheads, location scout, model 3D subjects, and a ton of other steps that make up 80% of the work that goes into a production like this. Once we are completely ready, it’s time to film.


What makes this project so different, is the challenge of introducing a storyline embedded in a weekend long live event at a music venue. Instead of recapping the nights with normal montage video, we chase a bigger idea of leading the viewer through the experience in a creative way. This influences how we film and how we introduce actors.


Post Production is what brings all our hard work to life. It’s truly satisfying to see an idea begin to take shape and mold into what we imagine. Editing, VFX, compositing, color grading, scoring, etc. It doesn’t all happen at once and it take a team of talented people to raise the bar in this type of way.