Live Streaming

Building real-time connections with your audience is vital, and we have a phenomenal knack for it.

According to Vimeo, between 2015 and 2016, the number of live streaming viewers grew by over 80%. Previously, it was already a $30 billion industry, and now, digital marketing experts like Neil Patel are saying it’s on track to bringing in $70 billion annually by 2021. Live streaming is captivating viewers everywhere in the world, across all age groups, and it’s a medium no organization can neglect any longer.

Once, video on demand (VOD) was the game changer, when those first VCRs came out. At last, nobody had to miss anything any longer. That niche is mature now, with services like Netflix and iTunes offering libraries that have nearly everything. As human beings, we love to live in the present, tuned in to what’s happening right now, while linking in with a community of viewers sharing the very same experience.

Game shows, award shows, concerts, sporting events – we’re ready to live-stream it and expand your reach to designated locations or across the globe. Switched video, integrating multiple cameras and input sources. Simulcasting from different locations. Real-time graphical effects and titling. Simultaneously to any of your preferred live streaming platforms. Live streaming dominance is the Next Big thing, and we’re right on top of it.

Here’s a crucial indicator: 90% of Facebook’s live streaming viewers say the video quality is it’s winning feature. Video and audio must be state-of-the-art perfect to engage and retain today’s audiences. Of course, live streaming presents unique challenges to the production team. Technical expertise and rich experience shine brightest. Planning, preparation, and a deep bench of talent keep clients’ streams outstanding from start to finish. The venue, the event, or the infrastructure can often throw curve balls, but we live to grind them up, spit ‘em out, and keep your live streaming Happening Now.

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