In February 2019 we had the opportunity to produce media for the professional baseball team and freshly rebranded franchise, the Miami Marlins. Their new logo and uniforms reflect the sophisticated neon vibrancy and energy of the Magic City.

With the Marlins vision aligned with ours, Media Monsters partnered with KT Designs to create motion graphic assets set to play on a 10ft LED board mounted with RGB club style lighting provided by Veteran Media Group. As it sounds, the set was complicated. And to add the complexity, we stylized a fully programmable LED net that served as our second set. This was inspired by the all too familiar batting cage nets that players see on a regular basis.

Special Credits // There’s a reason an MLB team chose Media Monsters.

Usually with these kinds of deals, our team is bidding for the job. That requires a connection, a pitch deck, and a proposed budget with equipment and crew. That means there are also a few other production companies competing for this same job. The Miami Marlins chose one, and it was us in 2019 when they chose to rebrand with a whole new look.

Once hired, we went straight to work on preproduction, creating graphics for the LED board, creating camera movements, designing the set, everything. It was a rush of adrenaline as we were on a short timeline to get ready for the season.

We had a long setup day for about 16 hours the day before constructing two sets for two different looks. 1 set is a clean look with an LED wraparound wall and studio lighting, shot on the Fujinon 19-90 / RED Gemini Combo and an ARRI Alexa / Cook Anamorphic SF 75mm. The day of the shoot showed that our tests and lens selections were perfect. We were able to capture all the content we needed and showed the client that we are true beasts of industry.

We shot on 2 RED Gemini's and 1 ARRI Alexa Mini.

The lenses of choice were a 75 Cooke Anamorphic SF, a 25 Cooke Anamorphic SF, and a Fujinon 19-90.

We used a dana dolly and a Ronin 2 for stabilization, with the 3rd camera as a handheld