Rent Phantom Flex 4K in Miami

The world of filmmaking is changing rapidly. Directors are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that will allow them to film their vision with unprecedented clarity and detail. The Phantom Flex 4K produces highly detailed 4K imaging at 1,000 frames per second, offering unparalleled cinematic quality and allowing directors to capture every nuance in the frame.

The Phantom Flex 4K rental is specifically designed for professional cinema applications.

Phantom Flex 4K Specs

Sensor: 27,6mm x 15,5mm CMOS Super-35mm
Resolution: 4K (4096 x 2304)
Recording formats: Cine Raw | Apple ProRes 422 HQ
Sensitivity: 250 | 1250
Max. FPS: 2932 (720p)
Mount: PL
Weight: 5,9Kg
Dimensions: 292 x 140 x 200 mm

Phantom Flex 4K Rental Includes

Power supply with XLR extender
Ethernet cable
Flex4K MiniBOB
Sturdy Pelican case
Printed manual
Phantom PCC software

The Best Phantom Flex 4K Camera Rental in Miami

Our Phantom Flex 4K rental services are designed with the cinematographers in mind. The camera records up to 1,000 frames per second at 4K resolution, produces pristine image quality, and provides a wide array of production-friendly features like a complete on-camera control interface and auxiliary power outputs.

The Phantom Flex 4K camera rental offers exceptional versatility, as the camera can adapt to various shooting environments. From an indoor studio to harsh weather conditions in Miami, the Phantom Flex 4K is guaranteed to perform.

The Phantom Flex 4K high-speed camera also offers a super-35mm depth of field, capturing every detail with superior dynamic range and low noise. This makes it the best 4k camera rental for enhanced image quality and low-light performance. Its advanced temperature control features and sophisticated mechanical design allow for quick-to-shoot capability with a perfectly stable image.

Why Rent a Phantom Flex 4K From Media Monster?

We offer Phantom Flex rentals because we recognize its superior capabilities as a modern filmmaking tool. From its wide range of exposure settings to its easy-to-use controls, the Phantom Flex 4K makes capturing perfect video simple even in challenging lighting conditions. At Media Monsters, we take pride in offering the best Phantom Flex 4K rentals in Miami. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your Phantom Flex rental. Whether you are familiar with this type of camera or a first-time user, we will provide you with all the information and tools you need to get the most out of your rental.

Phantom Flex 4K Additional Info

Phantom Flex 4K Camera Rental Features

Three 3G HD-SDI outputs for dual-link 4K video and simultaneous live monitoring/playback

HD-SDI can switch between Log and Rec709

Supports HD-SDI and component-based viewfinders

Standard internal shutter for automatic/remote Current Session Reference (CSR)

Secondary IP address

Segment memory for multi-cine acquisition

Field-based firmware upgrade capable

Various mounting holes for different accessories

How to Use a Phantom Flex 4K Rental

A full-featured on-camera control interface for advanced and basic operations makes the Phantom Flex 4K camera rental extremely easy to use and control. With one of our Phantom Flex 4K rentals, you can adjust universal capture and recording settings before a shoot while retaining access to more common parameters, including frame rate and exposure time.

To enable a smooth workflow for different shooting situations, the camera has capture, trigger, playback, and save controls on both sides to ensure a seamless process. Controlling the Phantom 4K rental is also possible with Phantom PCC software or a handheld Phantom Remote Control Unit (RCU).

Phantom 4K Lens Compatibility

The Phantom Flex 4K rental comes with a standard 35mm PL mount. Also available are: a Nikon F mount for manual aperture control of G-Style Nikon lenses, a Canon EF mount for electronic focus and aperture control, and a special Panavision mount by Abel Cine.

To install one of these optional lens mounts, remove the 4x M3 screws from the mount and use the same screws to install the new mount. Ensure all shims under the initial mount remain with the new mount. Keep in mind that you may need to add or remove shims to maintain a proper back focus with a new lens mount.

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Phantom Flex 4k FAQs

  • How much is the Phantom Flex 4K rental?

    Rent a Phantom Flex 4k at Media Monsters for $4,500 per day with a tech.

  • What is the resolution of the Phantom Flex 4K camera?

    The Phantom Flex 4K is a full-featured digital cinema camera, capable of speeds that range from standard frame rates up to 1,000 frames-per-second (fps) at 4K and almost 2,000 fps at 2K resolution.

  • What is the Phantom Flex 4K sensor size?

    A proprietary super-35mm 4K CMOS sensor offers ultra-low-noise images with impressive detail and a wide dynamic range.

  • How fast can the Flex 4K shoot?

    Phantom Flex 4K can shoot up to 1000/fps.

  • How light sensitive is the camera?

    The low noise capabilities of the Flex 4K sensor allow for the ‘effective ISO’ to be dialed in with the camera’s Exposure Index function, resulting in zero to minimal compromise to image quality. The exposure index (EI) ranges from 250 to 1250. The recommended exposure index is 800 - 1000.

  • How do I control the Flex 4K?

    The on-camera control menu is designed for all important camera settings, eliminating the need for a computer on set or in the field. The Phantom Flex 4K can also be controlled with Phantom PCC software or a handheld Phantom Remote Control Unit (RCU).