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From commercial production to VFX animations and anything in between, our team of creative professionals has the experience, knowledge, and skills to help bring your vision into a shareable reality. Our clients have ranged from local businesses and professional sports teams to some of the world's largest corporations, and we're always excited to work with new people and help them tell their stories.


Commercial video production

Video is the leading medium for building your brand on social media and corporate websites. In the digital age, most people prefer video to written content.

We offer a palette of video genres, from brand and product overviews to corporate identity, case studies, and testimonials to establish memorable brands.

Our Media Monsters video production talent has no restrictions when it comes to market strategy.


VFX animation

Special effects, seamless transitions, custom animations, illustrations, 3D models, texturing, lighting, and overall stylizing takes videos to the next level. Our team of animators work across all industries and have a hand in everything from feature films, to motion graphics, to arena fan prompts.

At Media Monsters, we not only know the winning VFX parameters for all types of productions but excel in pushing the boundaries of what you thought possible.


event coverage

If it's not on video, it didn't happen. Event videography is how we remember it in the 21st century.

From concerts to commercials, playoffs to press launches, we’re ready to stream it and expand the reach to anywhere in the world.


equipment rental

If you're looking for video production equipment, Media Monsters is the perfect place to go. We have a variety of different types and brands of professional-grade equipment for rent, including cameras, lighting, sound, and more.

We also offer crew services if you need someone to help operate the equipment or run your shoot. Contact us to learn more about our product catalog, pricing, and availability.

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