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Special effects, seamless transitions, custom animations, illustrations, 3D models, texturing, lighting, and overall stylizing takes media to the next level. Anything is possible now through VFX, 3D, and image compositing.

Our team of artists work across all industries and have a hand in everything from feature films to fan prompts. At Media Monsters, we know the winning VFX parameters for all types of production and excel in pushing the boundaries of what you thought is possible.


Why Choose Professional VFX Services?

Visual effects can make or break a video production. They are what will grab your audience's attention, and keep it--nobody wants to watch a boring video with no visual stimulation! You want to create an engaging visual project that will keep your audience interested. You want it to look professional and have a polished appearance. Most importantly, you want the video to be effective in capturing its intended message and driving action, whether that is to sell, entertain, or anything in between. We'll make sure you get visual FX services that align with your creative vision and professional goals.

When it comes to Miami, the VFX pool is smaller than Hollywood. That being said, consider us the big fish. We have a few VFX scenes circulating around the internet that turn some heads. Check them out here. For our clients, we apply the same energy to their story inherently creating more views, traffic, leads, or customers.

We also understand that for many, visual effects can seem daunting and expensive--but the truth is that nowadays you don't have to spend a fortune on something like this. We will work with you and your budget to create the perfect visual effects you deserve, regardless of the size of your project.

Motion graphics, Animation, 3D Modeling, Compositing, etc. We have what you need to tell your story.

Why Trust Media Monsters with Your Special Effects Needs

Trust is something that is built and earned, so give us a call and let’s talk through your project. Let us be the hand that lifts you up to the next level. We want you to win just as badly as you do. This mindset has earned the respect and business of Fortune 500 companies and Hollywood studios alike showing that we are the big fish in Miami.

Allow us to give you a FREE CONSULTATION. We will answer your visual effects questions and discuss how we can tell your story. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and turn your vision into a reality!

Media Monster provides visual effects VFX services in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and other major cities where productions of films, television shows, music videos, commercials, and other creative projects are organized. At Media Monster, the best way to create truly stunning videos is by infusing them with creativity and fresh ideas. We are passionate about what we do, which shows in every aspect of our work. Our team of creative experts is highly skilled and experienced in all things VFX, and they will help take your project to the next level.

Our team of monsters believes that to create visually appealing content, a production company needs to utilize visual effects that meet the highest quality standards. Today, numerous 3D animation, VFX, and motion graphics software programs can be used to create stunning visuals. Our team of professionals has the vision, experience, and expertise to use these tools to their maximum potential. From pre-production through post-production, we work with clients to ensure that their project's graphical elements are as dynamic and impressive as possible. There's a reason we have been able to collaborate with some of the biggest names in different industries--the VFX Studio professionals at Media Monsters know precisely how to get things done right!

We know how special effects can elevate your project when used together with style and creativity. We have experience working on projects of all kinds, from commercials to feature films, and every project is manageable for us to handle. No matter what type of project you have in mind, our VFX Studio NYC team is guaranteed to help you bring your project to life. We strive for excellence at every production stage, from concept to execution and everything in between.

Our mission is to tell stories in the most visually stunning way possible using cutting-edge technology and artistry. We know that designing captivating characters, worlds, and scenes makes modern productions outstanding, which is why our VFX Studio NYC team focuses on creating the highest quality visuals to give any production that added edge.

Creative Direction

A Brand needs a voice and it needs to come from within. We can help you realize that voice and narrate it in a way that relates to your audience, attracting the allies you want. Our team can handle the conception, design, production, and support to help your brand stand up above the rest. We can turn your brand into a monster of its industry.

Post Production

Post Production includes everything that happens after we capture the content. Organizing, editing, enhancing, and finalizing is all apart of the process. Post is equally as important as shoot day. When the footage comes in, we have choices to make. We compare post production to completing a puzzle. The content represents the pieces and we are responsible for creating an image out of them that viewers can understand and appreciate. The importance of a solid concept paves the way for the editor to follow and explore.
Our experience with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects give us an unlimited set of editing tools to create each project in a unique way. We spend countless hours to create the perfect custom video for each of our clients. No presets here. We pride ourselves in the unique approach we take to each project and we love seeing those concepts come to completion. Once complete it’s time to see how well the final product works.


Special effects, seamless transitions, custom animations, illustrations, 3D models, texturing, lighting, and overall stylizing takes videos to the next level. Anything is possible now through VFX, 3D, and image compositing. The astonishing magic of VFX and the consistent evolution of tools in the field allow for some jaw dropping visuals while simultaneously offering the platform for some spectacularly subtle manipulations of imagery. In fact, some VFX are entirely invisible. Our team of animators work across all industries and have a hand in everything from feature films to fan prompts. At Media Monsters, we not only know the winning VFX parameters for all types of production, but excel in pushing boundaries of what you thought is possible.


Sporting events, concerts, product launches, conferences, award shows, – we’re ready to stream it and expand the reach to anywhere in the world. Multicam live-streaming allows us to switch screens seamlessly while live broadcasting. We can also simulcast from different locations at the same time. Real-time graphic elements and effects can be incorporated to brand the event. Additionally we can simultaneously broadcast to any of your preferred live streaming platforms. Live streaming is undoubtedly the next big thing in the media industry and allows you to broadcast your message to the world.

Video Production

Video is the leading medium for building your brand on social media and corporate websites. In the digital age, most people prefer video to written content. The pandemic has forced us to binge watch everything on the tv. Podcasts have video now to enhance experiences. Search engines love pages with video content. It’s an SEO ranking booster and the most shared type of information. Let it be the fuel that powers your business in the marketplace. We offer a palette of video genres, from brand and product overview to corporate identity, case studies, and testimonials to establish memorable brands. When it comes to market strategy, our Media Monsters video production talent lives without restriction.

Delivery & Support

Once we pass off the Final-2-4RealnowFINAL.mp4 file, we realize it can often live on multiple platforms that constantly evolve. We want our work to perform just as much as you, so we are here to make sure you have the support to put out those media fires that undoubtedly come up. We are human so feel free to give us a call and chat about how we can better help you.

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