Rent an Anti Gravity Cam Suspension Vest in Miami

Whether your shoot requires squeezing through tight spaces or you’re navigating large crane moves, achieve a rock steady shot with an Anti Gravity Cam rental. This suspension vest stabilizes motion on shots from the floor to overhead.

Anti Gravity Cam Specifications

Suspension vest for weight displacement of up to 50 lbs and complete absorption of operator footsteps
Supports any gimbal to achieve high or low angle shots while standing, walking or running.
Meet the needs of any shot with telescoping arms.

Anti Gravity Cam Rental Includes

Base unit suspension vest for weight displacement of up to 50 lbs and complete absorption of operator footsteps
Works with any gimbal or direct handheld mode
IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof Hard Case

The Best Anti Gravity Cam Suspension Vest Rental in Miami

An Anti Gravity Cam rental gives you the ability to capture seamless dynamic movement. The Anti Gravity Cam allows camera operators to maneuver from the ground to up to three and a half feet over their head without the need for heavy counterweights, for flawless, stable shots. Prevent fatigue and operator shakiness with the suspension vest’s mounted component, which provides total weight displacement of up to 50 lbs.

With the Anti Gravity Cam, you can effortlessly achieve large crane moves. If you’re shooting through tight spaces or doorways, the suspension vest ensures your camera remains buoyant and steady throughout the operator’s range of motion.

Why Choose Anti Gravity Cam Rentals?

At Media Monsters, we recognize the importance of a perfectly steady shot, which is why we offer the best Anti Gravity Cam rentals in Miami. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about operating your Anti Gravity Cam rental. Whether you are familiar with this type of system or a first-time user, we will provide you with all the information and tools you need to get set up and maximize your rental.

Anti Gravity Cam Suspension Vest Additional Info

Anti Gravity Cam Features

Supports any gimbal.

The suspension vest weighs 26 lbs.

Fly any camera system up to 50 pounds.

How to Use an Anti Gravity Cam Suspension Vest

The Anti Gravity Cam uses a complex system that compensates for the movement of the camera operator and distributes camera weight. The easy to construct suspension vest is worn by the camera operator, and enables the camera to be held at various angles and heights, while moving seamlessly from the ground to above the camera operator’s head.

Anti Gravity Cam Uses

The Anti Gravity Cam can ensure stable, cinematic shots when looking to accomplish big crane-style movements. Additionally, if your shot requires maneuvering through tight spaces, like doorways, the Anti Gravity Cam will remove any shakiness to ensure your scene is seamless.

What Cameras are Compatible with an Anti Gravity Cam?

The Anti Gravity Cam has universal compatibility for cameras up to 50 lbs.

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