The heaviest rocks you can possibly think of crush even heavier rocks deep under the earth’s crust near the very place volcanos form. The pressure is so instense, the graphite plates change shapes on a molecular level into beautiful gemstones of every color. Only with the weight of the earth are we able to witness A transformation to perfection; A rock to a diamond.

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STINGHD sculpts through Piles of precious metals, embelishing craftsmanship with flawless gemstones. Their team of artists see details in a different space than you. A space that makes your eyes take time to adjust to a new dimension of details. Under spectacles and an LED light, artisans shape gold, Silver, platinum, titanium by hand into Luxury Jewelry. Our favorite being the most recent gasp; The Dragon.

StingHD reached out to us to help put together a promotional video showcasing their handcrafted jewelry. As a family owned business who's been manufacturing and selling their jewelry for over 40 years, we knew this project would help continue to push their brand forward in today's content-heavy world.