Introducing Green Roads Terpenes! A blast of flavor from your trusted CBD manufacturer. Green Roads wanted to make a splash with their new product launch. They described the product as bright, tasty, and fun. The marketing team also wanted to appeal to a younger market closer to the 20s-30s. We said, OK.

Special Credits // There’s a reason we’re the #1 most trusted media production company in South Florida!

For us it was a great exercise in having fun with a product that could typically be stale. Our animators had their challenges of making this a fun product, but they popped out some gorgeous 3D animations.

The campaign worked. It was one of Green Road’s most successful ones to date. These stats give us hope that great art still performs well.



Knowing the goal of the project, we started right away with some brainstorming. With this product, we needed less of a story and more of a splash. Bright colors, high energy, mouthwatering goodness was where we landed with this content.


Pre-production involved a ton of bottle rendering to ensure the correct physical look and structure of the product. We wrapped the 3D bottles in the eye-catching labels created by the Green Roads team and started playing with movement. With some test, the bottles started coming to life.


Post production for this was extensive solely because of the amount of different flavors there were and the different mediums and platforms these would eventually live on; social, website, ads, TV, etc. Once complete though, the family of content fully represented the splash that Green Roads was looking for in a new product launch.