Visual Effects & Animation

Driven by an insatiable desire to create the unimaginable, our inventive tendrils reach far beyond the scope of video production and deep into the realm of visual effects & animation.

At Media Monsters, we not only know the winning VFX parameters for all types of production, but excel and revel in pushing boundaries and surpassing them. While promotional videos nod toward the persuasive, training videos aim to enhance retention and music videos to heighten and animate the senses. The common value among any video production is developing engagement, and we live to craft the media that accomplishes that mission.

The astonishing magic of VFX and the consistent evolution of tools in the field allow for some jaw dropping visuals while simultaneously offering the platform for some spectacularly subtle manipulations of imagery. In fact, some VFX are entirely invisible. Color grading, cleaning up blemishes and placing content on device screens create that “more real than real” look that compels.

VFX can transport your action and your viewers to anywhere in the world, or to any other world. Our VFX team starts their work before shooting even begins, collaborating with the director and production team through to final cut. If you can imagine it, we can create it. Conversely, if you can’t imagine it, we can do that, too. Our job is to translate your message from words to vivid and remarkable visuals. We liberate your message from what you believe the creative confines and technical limitations are. From titles to tidal waves, VFX and animation are force multipliers that’ll make your media project win for you. Your only limit is imagination.

Mastery of cutting-edge technologies including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cinema 4D and DaVinci Resolve. Monster talent and drive. Above all, mobilizing everything it takes to push back today's creative and technical limits and elevate your media project to world cinematic rank. As far as the Monster VFX team is concerned, there's just no such thing as impossible. Video billboard, broadcast promo, we catch anything you throw at us and run with it. Faster and better than you can fathom.

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