101st Indy 500

Rookie Driver Ed Jones

Spring Break - STFU

Party in Bimini 2017

By Bike, By Boat, Or Barefoot

Deck84 Delray Beach, FL

E11even Gives Back

Irie Weekend 2017

An Epstein Love Story

Sanibel, FL

Gambino Alliance

KickStarter Campaign

iiiPoints Music Festival

Miami, FL 2017


Daniella Botela x Michael Malone

Tortuga Music Festival

Fort Lauderdale, FL 2017

Wavefront Music Festival

Chicago, IL 2013

Wavefront Music Festival

Chicago, IL 2013

Art Basel Mood Swings

Oliver Cole Gallery - Wynwood, FL

The Media Monsters are beasts at multimedia production including: live streaming, hosting, video production, animation and 3D modeling, photography, and design. we aren't your average monsters however. we are fully equipped with the latest gear and technology, making us the most advanced monsters to cross your path.

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